Every employee shall consider Company's interest above his/her own ones and shall avoid conclusion of any deals, which may have any detrimental effect on the Company's interests and relationship with strategic partners and contractors. Employees of the Company shall advise ESS about their suspicions or provide all data, obtained from other persons, on all potential economic misdeeds, committed by a public officer or employee of the Company, supplier or any other parties, related in any way to INTERPIPE.

Such information may be delivered through any of the channels, mentioned below:
• To their immediate manager;
• To Company Director;
• To employees of the Economic Security Service.
In the course of investigation employees of the Company Economic Security Service will get a free and unobstructed access to all documents and facilities of the Company. They will also get the right, within the extent of their investigation, to examine and to copy, fully or partially, the documents, kept in folders, work tables, or other storing places at Company's facilities.
ESS employees will treat all information obtained as confidential and will protect the reputation of all parties concerned.
Any employee of the Company, caught in misappropriation, abuse of official position, bribe-taking, or other unlawful actions, shall be fired regardless of the amount of damage, the fact of repayment of the damage caused, and his/her hierarchy level.
Economic Security Service Hotline numbers: +38 (056) 790 35 39, +38 (0562) 33 39 20.
Economic Security Service Manager direct number: +38 (0562) 33 38 20.
Helpline email: