Conflict of interests

To avoid any conflict of interests, all employees shall always act in the Company's interests and shall be able to recognize situations, when personal interests are in conflict with Company's interests. In addition to that, all employees shall not disclose any information, obtained from partners and contractors on a confidential basis, and shall not use such information for their own benefit or to the advantage of other partners or contractors.

In case of occurrence of any circumstances, which, in the opinion of an employee, may lead to a conflict of interests, he/she is obliged to urgently inform the Economic Security Service and his/her immediate manager about such circumstances.
Employees are not allowed to use resources and funds of the Company for development of their own business, to suit their own ends, or to earn any profits.
It is strictly prohibited for employees and their families to accept any forms of illegal payments, "kickbacks", or compensation payments from customers both in cash and in products and services.
Any failure to provide information about any conflict of interests or any insufficient disclosure of such information shall be considered by ESS as an attempt to hide such information.
Gifts. It is prohibited for employees and their immediate relatives to accept, from customers, any kinds of compensations, loans (with the exception of loans from financial institutions, given on standard terms and conditions), gifts, or invitations for entertainment or any other services, which are not just a token of friendship or attention, which such employee could not pay for within the bounds of his/her current expenses.
Acceptance of any gifts or invitations for any entertainment, which may affect the employee's judgment, shall not be allowed under any circumstances. Employees shall not acquire any interest or benefit from any customer, which may urge them to give any preferences to such customer.
Economic Security Service Hotline numbers: +38 (056) 790 35 39, +38 (0562) 33 39 20.
Economic Security Service Manager direct number: +38 (0562) 33 38 20.
Helpline email: