Fighting economic crimes at INTERPIPE

INTERPIPE Economic Security Service is responsible for development and implementation of efficient policies for prevention and identification of economic crimes and offences.
INTERPIPE Economic Security Service has developed and launched a system for anonymous notification about suspicions of bribe-taking, abuse of official position, and misappropriation for employees, customers, and partners (hot-line services, information at the corporate website and by electronic mail).
Any report, sent via any of the aforementioned resources, is not an accusation, but just a suspicion.
Please remember: revelation of facts of economic misdeeds is inevitable and is just a question of time.
Economic Security Service Hotline numbers: +38 (056) 790 35 39, +38 (0562) 33 39 20.
Economic Security Service Manager direct number: +38 (0562) 33 38 20.
Helpline email: