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Nicolay Kharchev: “Fall in love with your job and you will change your life!”

Today Nicolay Kharchev is the Deputy Production Manager of the large- and medium-range pipe production complex. However, to get this position, Nicolay has moved up along a number of career steps and at each of them he has always shown that working at the shop is not just a duty for him, but his life and his true vocation.

– I came to the mill in 1993 right after the graduation from Novomoskovsk Metallurgical Vocational School, – Nicolay Kharchev has told us. – I had a great desire to start working at the major enterprise of our city, to see the production facilities, and to begin working with metal by myself. I started my work at the shop as the cold metal cutter.

Nicolay had also worked as a maintenance man in the transposition team. This work helped him a lot in learning everything about equipment operation, keeping all minute details under his control, and development of a skill to get out of trouble. In 2001 Nicolay Kharchev became the mill foreman and in 2010 he was promoted to the senior foreman position.

– Any shop is a very intricate live mechanism. It will not have any unnecessary details or parts – you always need to take all options and variants into consideration, to control dozens of processes, and to actively establish communication with the staff, – Nicolay is firmly convinced.

In 2012 Nicolay Kharchev became a participant of the “Masters’ School” corporate educational project, within the framework of which he defended the project on the milling machine modernization. This project was implemented shortly after, and Nicolay got a new position as a pleasant New Year's gift and entered the new year of 2013 as the Deputy Production Manager of the complex.

– Now I work with the staff of the entire shop. Working with people is a quite complicated job, requiring something different than routine standard clichés, which can be applied to everybody. The most important thing is to understand that all people are special – each of them has unique character traits, attitude towards their jobs, and goals and sets of their own. Only when you take people as they are, using an individual approach to your employees, you can build a truly solidary team, – Nicolay Kharchev is fully confident.

The knowledge of your work specialty, ability to focus on the things you do at your job for 100%, drive for the new stuff, continuous improvement of yourself, and expansion of your own horizons – these are the things, in the opinion of Nicolay’s colleagues, that have helped him to move up along such a magnificent career path.

– It’s hard to teach a person if he/she does not need this knowledge. And believe me, if you want, you will be able to open yourself for many new things – the most important condition is to have a desire to do so, – Nicolay, who is currently getting his university-level education at the extra-mural education department of the National Metallurgy Academy of Ukraine, has confessed to us. – Metallurgy is under continuous development: new technologies and production systems appear, and a higher-education institution is a perfect place to learn new information about things like these. It’s never later to learn, and if you manage to turn this process into a continuous one, you will score big successes for sure!

Nicolay Kharchev is firmly convinced that if you get to fall in love with what you do, you will change your life. He is never stopped by difficulties – he always gains his objects and looks at any situation from a positive point of view. The path to the career summits is not that simple. This is the path of responsible performance with full commitment and dedication to the things you do. Even now you can either continue dreaming about a high post, or take specific and decisive steps towards your goal. You are stronger than you think!