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Robert Belyi: “We get something bigger only when we give ourselves up to it!”

Robert Belyi came to INTERPIPE NMPP 35 years ago. Right after the graduation from Novomoskovsk Metallurgical Vocational School he started working as a welder at the pipe electric welding shop No 2. At present he is the senior foreman at the welding floor of the large- and medium-range pipe production complex.

– Metallurgy is my calling, my profession. It does not matter to me if my job is prestigious or not. I don’t about the opinion of gapers and idlers on what I do. I am sure that together we create a product, which is truly important for activities in many spheres of the human life, and we need to our work with the top possible quality, – Robert has told us.

Robert Belyi has moved up a number of career steps. He worked as an adjustment expert and as a master. All his conscious life has been inseparably linked with the mill. He even jokes that he always sees his colleagues much more often than his nearest and dearest. Of course it is important that Robert treats his job with full responsibility – even a slightest detail, related to the pipe welding quality, will escape his notice. But it is also crucial that a solidary team is working with him – a truly friendly family. And this family has its own traditions and laws.

– The most important thing in our work is the feeling of metal. It is not just some kind of a dead material. It has its own character, and you have to take it into consideration. We are just metallurgy sculptors! – Robert is firmly convinced. – Nobody will be able to teach you that. But if you fall in love with the material you work with, you will take a real pleasure in your job – and that means you will work with true efficiency.

No efficient performance is possible without deep knowledge, which you cannot get as a student of a metallurgy higher-education institution. Such knowledge and expertise come only with time, when you work at your production floor and open more and more nuances of work, required to create high-quality pipe products. And all the same, every transposition of product is unique in its own way, and only the feeling of metal can help you here. These are the things that young metallurgists learn from Robert Belyi, but he notes that the most important thing is your aspiration for getting new knowledge and your readiness for continuous self-improvement.

– If a person does not want to develop, I won’t be able to teach him or her, and nobody will. I want to see fire in the eyes of young metallurgists and to understand that this job is not an ordinary routine for them – this is the “business of their life”, the work, where they will be able to attain self-actualization and to achieve the summits of their profession, – Robert is deeply assured.

Robert Belyi has become a real coach and guru for many young metallurgists, who have been lucky enough to work nearby. For instance, Sergei Galiy currently holds the position of the senior foreman of the finishing floor, and Rostislav Kurinoi has become the senior foreman of the rolling mill. You can not only adopt unique and important knowledge on the pipe production and welding peculiarities from Robert, but also get charged with his love for what you do and get a new look at your work.

People can accumulate knowledge for ever and ever – we are the ones to define the limits of our abilities. Robert Belyi, for many years of his responsible work at the enterprise, has become a real teacher for many young metallurgists – he is always willing to help his inexperienced colleagues, to tell about all specifics of the job, and to emend a mistake. And in return he gets truly friendly cordiality and respect. You can also try to share your expertise with your colleagues. Together we will able to do more and better!